Chee Chee Rodriguez!!

"Huh? Who is this Chee Chee Roriguez character?" I'm sure that's what some of you are thinking. Well, CCR is someone that is very dear to me and also someone that is probably going to kill me once she sees that I have put her all time *favorite* nickname on my blog! I had to do it though. It was the only way I could tell this fabulous blogging community that my sister, Chelsea aka CCR, has decided to start her very own blog!! You have no idea how excited I was when she came to me to discuss the possibilities of blogging. She pondered it for a while, in true CCR fashion, and she probably even made a list of do's and dont's, as most type A's do, but she finally pulled the trigger. Woohoo!

Now Chels and I will probably differ a little on our blogs. I'm the younger (ha!) married sister with a house in the burbs and a dog - basically June Cleaver ;) and she is the single beautiful older sister with a new house in a trendy area, a great job, fabulous life of travel, and always trying out the new fun restaurants! I love hearing about all she has going on and I hope you all will too!

On a side note look how cute this frog is! I found him hiding under our number panel that we have to open our garage. I got him to come out and took several pics of the colorful guy! He had quite the voice on him too. Now bloggies, make like a frog (nice segway, eh?) and leap on over to Chels' new blog: A Girl Like You and give her a warm welcome! She will most definitely appreciate it! She has already been reading up on several blogs that I have in my reader so I'm sure she has visited a few of you already.

Happy Hump Day!!


Get down tonight!

Just one of the many songs that I remember dancing to this weekend!

Wow! What a weekend we had!! We were in the big D for Alison and Mark's wedding and it couldn't have been a more perfect weekend. I'll try not to make this too long since I have a lot of pics for you all. I'm going to try to re-cap the weekend. After we got in town on Friday we headed to Ali's parents house for a champagne toast before heading to rehearsal. They served up snacks, sangria, and of course, champagne. It was a nice start to the weekends festivities! When rehearsal was over we headed to the Iron Cactus to eat. They had the room decorated so cute! Everything looked awesome!! The food was delicious and the margs kept coming! We decided to go out, sans the bride and groom (they needed their rest), after dinner but I chose to leave some of those pics out ;) We had some interesting times!

Saturday Lauren and I headed back to Ali's house so we could all ride together to get pretty. I love having my hair/makeup done! I can do my makeup pretty good, but I'm worthless with my hair. The shots below in the salon are of Lauren, Ali and me and then Ali and her 2 sisters. Aren't the all gorgeous?!? After getting our hair did, we went back to the house and had a luncheon there. I don't think we went an hour without eating something. Her mom even brought some amazing dip/crackers to the salon while we were primping! We headed to the church after a late lunch and got all dressed and ready for the ceremony!! It was such a beautiful wedding and, of course, I cried. It's hard not to when you see the groom tearing up! So sweet. We made our way back to downtown Dallas and had the reception at the Empire room. Ohmigosh this place was AMAZING! Her flowers were some of the prettiest arrangements I've ever seen. The food was out of this world and the band was insane! I think I set out to one, maybe two songs. Lauren and I once again rocked the dance floor. We weren't about to give up our title to anyone :) Our boys were out there with us too. SO MUCH FUN! When we got back to our room around 2, Beau and I were pretty exhausted as you can see in the last 2 pics. We stayed up chatting about how amazing everything was. Our little heads didn't hit the pillows until 3! I'm running on low sleep right now but it was all so worth it. Ali and Mark headed out Sunday morning at 6am (eek!) to St. Lucia! A tiny bit jealous.....I can't wait to see the bronzed bride and groom when they get back from lounging on the beach for a week!

Sorry! I said it wouldn't be a long post and it kind of was.....

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Can't wait to catch up on your blogs!! Oh and I know a few of you asked about the enchilada recipe so I will get to that this week, I promise! It's so easy you could do it in your sleep.


Going to the Chapel...

Beau and I are heading out of town tomorrow to the big D for our friends wedding! We are so excited!! I feel like it was just yesterday that Ali and Mark got engaged and now it's already time for their wedding?!? It happens so fast. Beau and I are both in the wedding! This will be our first one since we've been married. I'm pretty pumped! Lauren and her hubby are also in the wedding. We all go way back so this weekend should be pretty fun! I'm ready to get some time in on the dance floor!! Hopefully Lauren and I can tear it up on the floor like we did for Ali's bachelorette party! Either way it's going to be an awesome weekend! I am so excited for the both of them.

Mark and Ali :)

I've been a little MIA lately. I came down with a nasty sinus cold and have felt like crap except for today. I was freaking out thinking I would be sick this weekend! Thankfully I was given a Z-pack and am now feeling much better. I also wanted to let you all know (so my mom will believe that she raised me right :)) that I have been cooking again!! I LOVE cooking and since our grocery store trips have been few and far between I haven't been able to keep up with my "womanly" duties. It almost gets me mad when I come home and have to warm up some frozen box of junk instead of eating something yummy and homemade. I was tired of it so I took action and went to the store! Someone had to do it. We had enchiladas (momma's recipe..soo good!) Tues night with ground turkey breast and black beans. I was skeptical since I didn't think Beau would go for the whole "healthy" thing and this was my first time using ground turkey, but they were A-MAZ-ING! Last night was pork tenderloin, bakers and asparagus and as for tonight, well I have a roast (gotta give the boy some meat) cookin' away in my crock pot as we speak. I feel all domesticated again!

I hope everyone has been having a fabulous week! It's almost Friday!!


Before and After: Doggy Style

I'm doing something I said I wasn't going to do. Oh come on! You didn't really think this post was going to be sexually related did you?? I knew it would draw a few of you here though....I know who you are ;) No shame ladies!

Ok, well I said I wouldn't post a pic of our doodle after she got her hair cut. The shock of it all has finally worn off, so I figured I should share it with you all. I mean I can't keep her hidden forever! I kid, I kid. Beau and I are actually growing quite fond of her short hair. I always knew he liked blondes....

So here it is. Miss Daisy Mae in all her glory. Notice in her "before" shot she has just finished chewing up the rug in our closet! I told her she was going to get it...little did she know she would be heading to the groomers - I think she learned her lesson!


Happy Friday! I hope everyone has an awesome weekend. Unfortunately our weather is el crappola here this weekend. We are, however, going to head out in the rain tonight to meet up with some friends for a couple of drinks. I guess we'll throw a little food in there too, why not?


The Rue does it again!

Gah! I don't know how they do it but every morning it seems that RueLaLa has something amazing they are selling!! I always get sucked in to their little emails and go on their site to just "browse" their selection and then boom! I get an order confirmation email from them. It all happens so fast I can't even remember clicking the "place order" button. I don't think Beau will be too happy with me....:( He's not a fan of my online shopping, to say the least. It's always a 50/50 chance of it actually fitting or even liking it when I try it on. I've gone through this way too many times and I should have learned my lesson, but when I saw this top, I couldn't resist! It's perfect for me. You see, I have a scar on my right arm from being burned by coffee when I was about 11 months old - another story for another day. It's something I've always been insecure about and I NEVER wear sleeveless out in public because of it. Well this way I can wear sleeveless on my left arm and keep my right arm covered so I don't have to worry about my scar! You see, it's perfect :) At least, that's how I will justify it to the Mr.....


Oh Austin, how I love thee

We had a fabulous time in Austin! We spent the weekend at the Barton Creek Resort up in the hills. It was incredible! I didn't want to leave :( When we first checked in we walked up to our room and it was perfect! A coworker of mine has a side travel-agent biz, so he scored us a few upgrades for free!! Our room had a freaking fireplace in it?? Oh and after we had settled in, we heard a knock on the door. We figured it was our luggage, but no, it was a nice man bringing us up some wine. I was officially in love from that moment on. Wine is most certainly the way to my heart! Friday night agenda: Mexican food, plenty of margaritas and queso! Oh it was lovely!

enjoying our winebefore margs...
after too many margs...

We did a little hiking/walking around the grounds on Saturday - Beau's birthday! The weather was no bueno, but we made the best of it! I didn't realize we were going to be encountering so many slippery rocks on our adventure. I nearly ate it about 300 times. Beau had to walk in front of me and ease me down several times. I also wasn't wearing the most appropriate walking shoes for the day. We spent the rest of the afternoon hopping from the hot tub to the bar. We polished off a few brewski's and played some shuffle board. Touchy subject - I was up on the best out of 5 game but mr. cocky couldn't handle his woman beating him so we had to play 7 games and I lost it. I think the Aqua Tea had something to do with it. I also found out that some liquors make me angry. Not a side I'm wanting to showcase in the future.....

our "heart" rockwe did a little name carving in the wood
the not-so-good shoes we wore
Beau's birthday dinner!

Sunday was our anniversary and it was a beautiful day! We went and had a delicious Easter breakfast and then had an incredible couples massage. Aaah it was so relaxing! We spent the rest of the afternoon laying out by the pool. Not a cloud in the sky! Of course my little Irish man got scorched. He likes to say that he's "golden" even though he looks like a lobster. We went back up to the room and opened presents...well I did. I had ordered something for Beau and it didn't come in on time :( I opened my sweet card and then my gift and it was a new Bible with my new last name on it! Such a sweet gift. I'll love it forever! We ended our anniversary with a dinner at Ruth's Chris. Best steak I've ever eaten, hands down!

Going out to RC's

All in all it was a perfect weekend! We had a blast and I think we might make this little spot "our spot" for quick getaways. I LOVE Austin! And I never thought Beau would be too thrilled with it since he's an Aggie and all, but he loved it too!! OH and guess what, his company just so happens to have an office there..what what - imjustsayin ;)

beautiful view on the ride home
we ate our wedding cake a day late! whoops :)
we had our cake lady re-make our topper since ours
got ruined from the hurricane

Sorry for the picture overload! I took about 600 the entire weekend, so this is just a mere glimpse of what I had taken. I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend!! Thank you all for the sweet comments on my last posts! Beau loved all the birthday wishes :)


It's our anniversary!

Today is our 1 year anniversary!! One year ago today I was on cloud nine knowing that I was marrying my best friend. I still remember the excitement of the entire day. All of my favorite ladies in one room. Feeling so blessed to be surrounded by so many incredible women that cared so much about me. When every one's dress was zipped and makeup on, they all left to go line up for the ceremony. It was just my sister and I standing on the front porch of the little cottage. She gave me a pep talk and made me laugh. She knows how to make me calm! Then they came and picked her up and I was all alone. Left to ponder my thoughts and then the butterflies hit! My dad came with the wedding coordinator to pick me up in a golf cart so we could ride up together before making our altar walk. All the nerves melted away when I locked my arm in with my dads. I knew I was about to lay eyes on my future husband and I was so excited to see him. The ceremony seemed like a blur. What I do remember are the vows and how I couldn't take my eyes off of Beau. He looked so perfect in his tux. His hair was done just the right way and his skin looked so smooth. I stood there listening to him say his vows to me. I smiled the whole time. It was so pure, so sincere. Then it was my turn. I started off strong, "I, Nicole" and then my emotions got the best of me and I could barely hold it together. The words from the Bible are so precious. I couldn't just stand up there repeating what my pastor was saying as if it was just another day. These are the words that would change my life forever. Words that would shape my marriage. It's a commitment to one another but more importantly to God. It all just came over me. It was the most exciting words to hear when my pastor announced us "Mr. and Mrs. Aaron ....!" I remember feeling light as air as we made our walk down the aisle, hand in hand as husband and wife.

The reception was perfect! The weather was so amazing that night. We had our ceremony in a courtyard of a Spanish style villa and the reception was also outside. Dancing under the stars! As soon as it began it was a whirlwind and before we knew it we were dancing our last dance, "It's a long way to Mexico" by Roger Creager. Our honeymoon was in Mexico so it felt like a fitting song :)

I'll leave you all with several pics of our special day. Enjoy and I hope everyone is having a very Happy Easter!

loved my flowers
the ladies
the guys
me and my lil sismom and dad above - dad below
i told you i couldn't keep it together....
so happy!
first dancecake!showing off our dance moves ;)
last dance....

(photos by AshleyK)

It was an incredible day and it ended perfectly! I can't believe that was just a year ago. It brings back so many fun memories going through all of the pictures! I hope you enjoyed.


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