It's Monday....

I hope every one's weekend was great! We definitely had a busy weekend. Friday night we went out with 2 of our fave couples, Lauren & Ryan and Mark & Alison. We hit up "our" spot for dinner, El Tiempo, then headed to a bar to listen to some live music. So much fun! Here's a little pic from the night. It's not the best of the Mr., but he was refusing to cooperate for the camera so this is all we got. Did we really need the mustard in there with us??? Come on hun :)

Saturday was pretty eventful. I went to my parents house to babysit my little sister, G. She's 8.....pretty big gap, I know. She was a "surprise" to the fam. My sister and I were 16 and 17 when mom and dad broke the news. I'm not going to lie, I was a little shocked, errr angry at the time, but I LOVE this little girl soooo much! I can't imagine our family without her. She is the sweetest little thing ever! So back to Saturday. My older sister, C, and I took G to her softball game. What a fun family day. She did awesome! I was so proud of her. Picture this: bases loaded, G goes up to bat; my heart is racing and I'm thinking "please don't strike out", she swings at the first pitch and misses (aww) and second pitch she hits a line drive out to left field!! AWESOME! I don't think I've ever been so excited! She got 2 runs in (they tagged the last girl out) and the whole crowd was on their feet. So exciting. The cutest part was when she ran into the dugout, she started telling all of her friends about her to big sisters that came to watch her game. So precious! Here's a pic of her mid-swing:
Her team won the game! It was a close game, but they pulled through. We went back to the house and C, made some wonderful food and fixin's and we watched some football. Our family team (our whole family went there, g-parents, aunts, uncles, parents), OSU Cowboys were playing UT and it was such a good game even though they lost . It was so nice to spend some time with both of my sisters! I took G back to our house for a sleep over. She was so excited. We carved pumpkins and ordered Pizzia :) Here's some of her carving.

All in all it was a great weekend! My parents came to pick G up yesterday and we had a little cookout at the house. It was a beautiful afternoon and the weather was gorgeous. Perfect weekend!

Happy Monday to everyone! It's almost lunch time :)


Oh the temptations......

First it was the J. Crew Fall sale email and now this! Sheesh!! I need a second job

The code on the bottom is KSFF08, if you couldn't read it ;)



I have been tagged a couple of times today! This tagging business is pretty exciting :) First tag today was by the precious Ginette over at Nette's Niche. Love her blog! Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person that tagged you
2. Post the rules on your blog
3. Share six non-important things/habits/quirks about yourself
4. Tag six random people at the end of your post by linking to their blogs
5. Let each random person know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website.
6. Let your tagger know when your entry is UP

Here's my list:
  • I pick on my eyelashes. I don't know why; maybe stress, maybe boredom? But it's a horrible habit! They hurt sometimes so I try to find the one lash that is "hurting" and pick it out and then I end up picking out 5!!
  • I love to smell my dogs paws! They remind me of cookies or Doritos or something. Weird, I know! It's always been a joke in our family of how I think our dogs paws smell like cookies. Maybe I need to see an ear, nose & throat doc ;)
  • I sing....a lot! I sing at work, in the shower, while I'm cooking - you name it, I sing it! And I actually think I am really good, haha! I love it when American Idol comes on so I can sing along with the contestants.
  • I have been married for over 6 months and have yet to change my name....gasp! I know, but it's totally not convenient for me and when I don't work, I don't get paid (life of a contractor) so I've put it off. Plus it's hard to change the name you have had for over 24 years. Have no fear, I am changing it tomorrow! YAY
  • My mom is my absolute best friend in the world! We talk an abnormal amount per day. I call her on my way to work, email her and then call her on my way home from work. I love talking to her! She gets me and I love that!
  • I love Ginger Ale. I know it's not that popular, but it's one of my fave drinks, along with sweet tea :)

Tag you're it! (Sorry if this is a repeat for some of you:))

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Next I was tagged by the oh so fun Lyndsey over at All things Fluffy...Fashionable...& Famous

Here are my answers:

Top Four Wishes:
1. To have a perfect marriage
2. To have a job that I get excited about and love doing
3. To be more faithful in my daily walk with God
4. To have a Pottery Barn design consultant come to my house and decorate it each season :)

Four places I want to travel:
1. Greece
2. Europe
3. Ireland (for my hubby:))
4. Maldives

Four careers I want to be involved in:
1. I would love to one day own a side by side boutique. One side has adorable clothes, accessories, stationary, etc. for moms and the other side has chic baby clothes and children's gifts. That way moms can get all their shopping done in one place!
2. I think it would be so much fun to be a personal shopper for the wealthy people!
3. I eventually would like to be a stay at home mommy and wife. I am so jealous when I'm on my lunch break and I see moms out with their kids shopping! I want to be that :)
4. Make jewelry with my momma like we used to! We had a good thing going and then I had to go and get married ;)

Four things I would like God to say to me at the gates of Heaven:
1. "I've been waiting for you!"
2. "I love you and thank you for your faithfulness!"
3. "You are washed of all sin"
4. "Go sit with your family and friends!"

Four people I tag: (Sorry if you've already done this!)
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I also received an award from MG at Diet and Fit Chick

The rules are to list 6 things I value and 6 things I don't and then pass this award on to 6 people!


1. Love
2. Family
3. Faith
4. Honesty
5. Time with my honey
6. Humor

What I do not value:

1. Disrespect
2. Traffic
3. Stupidity
4. My alarm clock :)
5. Bad attitudes
6. Procrastinating (even though I'm very bad about this!)

And I give this tag to:

All of the lovely ladies that I tagged above! Sorry, I'm too lazy to name you all out again but I love your blogs!!
Whew! Now I am tired!! No work tomorrow, but I am in desperate need of some good sleep. Night :)



I wanted to go ahead and post the chili recipe on here since a few of you had asked about it. It's so yummy and really easy! Here it is:
Momma's Chili

  • 1 pound of hamburger beef
  • 1 pound of sausage (I use the regular Jimmy Dean)
  • 2 Alarm Chili packet
  • 1 can of beer
  • 1 can of Original Rotel
  • 1 can of chopped green chile's - these aren't hot, so if you want heat, which I did, then add a can of chopped jalapenos.
  • 1 can of black beans
  • 1 can of pinto beans - you can also use the pinto beans with jalapenos
  • 1 8 oz. can of tomato sauce

Brown 1 pound of ground beef and 1 pound of sausage, together or separate. If you want a lower fat recipe use ground Turkey instead. I don't have a pot big enough so I throw all of my ingredients in my crock pot after I've browned the meat and leave it on Low-Med heat. Then add the 2 Alarm chili seasoning mix. This has all of your seasonings in it. Don't add all of the red pepper pouch. Add half and taste it. It can get pretty spicy if you keep adding. I also didn't use any of the Masa flour pouch. After I added the seasoning, I add a can of beer. Then add the can of Rotel and chopped chilies (or jalapenos). Add both cans of beans. Then add the can of tomato sauce. I usually just add water as needed. You may or may not need to. If you add water, use the rinsed out can of tomato sauce, that way you don't have to dirty any more dishes :) If it looks too watery you can take a little of the sauce and mix with the Masa flour and stir that real good and add it back into the chili and it will thicken up. I left it in the crock pot for about 1-2 hours. Just enough to let all the seasonings set in and get warm.

Serve with cornbread or Frito's and cheese. Yumm!! It makes quite a bit so you can freeze it or have leftovers for the week. You can also make some chili dogs. Enjoy!


Weekend Rewind

So I was just about to post this evening and the Mr. needed me to sew some of his pants. He somehow got a hole in his crotch and those were the ones he has to wear tomorrow! Like he doesn't have 5 others pairs just like it. Right before the Hills started too. Perfect timing, hun. Oh well. He told me I was "such a good wife", so that made it worth it!
How was everyones weekend?? Ours was great! Friday night we did pizza and wine and then went to grab a dessert at Chili's (so good!). We had to go to the store later to get some fixins' for my chili I was going to make for Saturday game day! It's my mommas recipe and she has a secret! Yumm-O! The Ags played early on Saturday so we had some of our faves over, the Rudy's and it was fabulous! The Aggies lost, but it was fun anyways. I wasn't feeling the best Sunday morning so we missed church. I was so bummed because they started a new series. We'll be there next week for sure! Work today was a little scary. First of all, I am a Landman (not very PC is it?) at an O&G company and we are having to make some cutbacks due to our client having to make some cutbacks. It's a little scary, even though I think I will be safe. So when I got home all I wanted was a little vino to take my mind off things and we drank our last bottle Friday night, of course!! So instead, we took Daisy on a 3 mile walk. Poor thing was panting so hard when we finished. She stopped several times during the walk in hopes that we would carry her the rest of the way home, ha! When we got back I made us breakfast for dinner.....our fave!
I wanted to thank everyone for their ideas for my MIL b-day. I had less time than I thought I would so I picked up some flowers, a gift card and mug from Starbucks and a card. She liked it! The Mr. is her "baby" (even though he's mid 20's) so he always seems to get more gratitude for the gifts I buy. So not fair!
Enjoy your week!


Any Ideas??

So, I just found out this morning via Beau, via his dad, that it's his moms b-day today!! CRAP. I mean if his dad is going to call and remind us, couldn't he have at least done it yesterday so I would have time to figure out what to get her???? Ugh! Now I know as a daughter-in-law I should have remembered this occasion, and to be honest I do every single year, but I must be off this year b/c I completely forgot. I quickly sent her an email this morning, acting as if I had never forgotten about it. It's much easier to play this kind of thing off in an email :) Beau says "just get her a card." Now ladies, we all know that yes, cards are nice, but most of us would like to have something to open after we read our sweet card, right? Birthdays are a big deal and everyone wants to feel special no matter how old you are! This is where you all come in. Anyone have any ideas for a mid 50's mother-in-law gift? Or is a card really good enough? I don't have time to order a cake either.


And the winner is.....

I wanted to thank Miss Nina for passing this lovely award along to me! It is my first award in the Blog world and I was so excited to get it. I'm so glad that I have readers and I hope to keep up the posting and fun!

Now I need to pass this little gem along to some others! I love all of my daily reads and these are just a few that I wanted to share the BFF award with:
Team Rudloff (one of my real life BFF's!)

Calling all SP fans!! If you get a chance, go check out Nina's blog today. She is doing an awesome giveaway! There is an ADORABLE pin and the cutest flat card you've ever seen :)


Ding Dong

Hmm, who could that be?? Look through the window and I see a UPS not the one that MIA sings about in her Paper Planes song. I go take a peek at my doorstep to see what has arrived. "YES" I scream! I bring the box over to the coffee table, parading it around in front of the Mr. He has no clue what's going on and wouldn't understand the excitement even if he did. I rip open the box and what do I find? A pink shoe box, which is totally going to be in eye sight in the ole' closet because it's too cute not to be! I open the box and find these beauties!

These are the softest leather flats I have ever put my little feet into! That being said, make sure you order a half size or whole size down. They are a little looser than I thought and I went a half size down. Anyways, I wanted to share the excitement with the blogger world! I hope you all have a fab weekend :)


Stocking Stuffers!

I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed, but Christmas is right around the corner! I know, I'm so excited! So I thought I would list a few of my fave ideas for stocking stuffer. I don't know about you but stocking stuffers have always been kind of a big deal in our family. It was just as exciting to see all the fun goodies that we had in our stockings as it was to see what was under the tree! Here are a few finds that I have fallen in love with:

The first is a soap that I buy every time I go into Anthropology. The brand is Mistral and it's incredible! I love the Wild Blackberry scent. The smell lasts on your skin all day! And it's made with Shea butter so it leaves your skin feeling so soft and yummy! The soaps are $7 at Anthro. I know it's a little high for one bar, but oh so worth it!

Next is the headbands from Lululemon. They are perfect for any workout and they keep the sweat from trickling down your forehead into your eyes....I hate it when that happens! Plus it's a fashionable way of keeping your hair back too. I think these are around $12 and they come in so many cute colors!

Last is a couple of ideas for your lips. It never fails that ever fall/winter my lips become dry and don't look very kissable. The first is a lip exfoliator from Sephora. I love the Philosophy line! And this little guy is perfect. Follow it up with this beauty and you'll be good to go! No more cracked or dry lips for you! I'm sure your hubby will appreciate this one :) Now go enjoy a little "kiss kiss" of your own!



Don't you just love it when your hubby gets on your blog and critiques your spelling or grammatical errors? Now, I pride myself in my spelling/grammar skills....I know, weird, but I really do! I have always thought that I was pretty good at that stuff. No, I'm not perfect, and believe me neither is he!
You might be wondering why this is titled "Pizzia" Well, he's the one that spelled "pizza" "pizzia" and no this wasn't on purpose folks! Now I admit, he was a little tipsy at the time, but pizza, REALLY? Isn't that like one of the easier words to spell in the English language? Whatever, I'm not bitter. Let it be known that he wasn't being mean about it but he was laughing, which in my opinion is worse!! Man, now I've gone and made myself hungry!

Love you honey ;)


Secret Ingredients

As I was planning my wedding, which seems like so long ago, I ran across this Secret Ingredients site. I love cooking and I love the idea of having family recipes that have been passed down. There's something so sweet about looking at a recipe that your great grandmother hand wrote. I wanted so badly for someone, i.e. my mom :), to create one of the wedding designs and surprise me with it as a gift! Well the wedding kind of snuck up on us and there were so many other pressing issues on our minds that it was never done. I just stumbled upon this site again and I wanted to share it with you all! I am bound and determined to load up all of my favorite recipes in one of these babies! They also give you several pages to add in your favorite pics. What a cute idea! I love the heirloom cookbook, but it's a little pricey. Maybe something to go on my Christmas list??

Since we are on the subject of cooking, I thought I would share with you all a little obsession of mine, Mrs. Paula Deen! Now, I don't know about y'all (here comes the accent!), but I can't get enough of this woman. I love her accent, her hair, and the way she says "butta!" I secretly want to adopt her as my third grandmother! Do you think that would be a problem? I have been trying to get Aaron to look for jobs in Savannah in hopes that I may get a chance to meet her in passing!

Love and best dishes, from my kitchen to yours - Love it!


Oh Happy Day!

Another weekend has come and gone and what a great weekend it was. Today I had to go to get sized for a bridesmaid dress for one of my good friends, Alison, who's getting married next April. I don't know about you, but I tend to dread having someone take my measurements. I always have to go up a few (or 6) sizes in order to fit the ole' girls. So it's a little depressing! Anyways, when that was over, Beau and I went for some cupcakes at Crave.....yeah I know, I'm here complaining about my sizes and then going for cupcakes? The mind of a woman! Now these little babies aren't near as good as Sprinkles cupcakes, but they'll have to do because we have yet to get a Sprinkles here. (So jealous that Dallas has one!) Then we went for some Mexican food....I know! But it's the Mr.'s weakness and I knew that if we went over to a certain place to eat then we were within walking distance of Pottery Barn, my weakness :) After lunch we mosied on over to PB and I bought the remaining plates, mugs and bowls off my registry! YAY See we registered for the Studio collection in cream and sage, got all the cream, but only a few pieces of the sage. Now, we can't have that can we???

OK, now onto this afternoon/evening. We visited a local pumpkin patch and picked us up some doozies! We actually went a little crazy and bought several pumpkins and 2 bails of hay. But it's our first year together as a married couple celebrating Halloween/Fall, so why not? I'm going to go crazy during Christmas! Well, being the good parents we are we brought Daisy along with us. I know this is something parents normally do with their real children, not their dog children, but we're pretty much obsessed with Mrs. D so we had to bring her along! Of course, I took several pics of our girl but this was def the cutest. She's looks so proud on top of her mountain of pumpkins!



It's over and I am a tad sore. It was well worth it though. I'm pretty pumped to keep it up. I'm hoping I don't blow it by eating too much junk food while watching football all day!

Now, I'm off for some good old fashioned Fall cleaning. It's a must! Since Ike blew in, I haven't been able to do as much around here being without electricity for 2 weeks, yep 2!

Happy Saturday!


On my way....

OK, I know most newlyweds can agree when I say that I feel like I have gained a few extra pounds since I've tied the knot. On the honeymoon we both kind of had this idea that "we can eat/drink as much as we want because it's our Honeymoon!" This kind of thinking has now caught up with me and I have finally decided to do something about it. My idea of working out is normally running or doing a few weights. Well, I am heading off to a class this morning called KoreXtreme.....sounds a little intimidating, huh? :) I have tried every excuse to talk myself out of this, but I decided that I need to just do it! Worst of all the class is outside. I know, crazy! I guess they want us to sweat the most pounds out as possible.

So I am on my way to dropping some pounds, or maybe one! (I hope) Wish me luck and I will check in later to tell you all how it went!



I want to welcome you all to my new blog! I hope you enjoy. This is my way of giving everyone a little peek into our lives. Everything from my new life as a wife and mother (to Daisy Mae:)) to shopping, family and friends! Let's hope I don't embarrass too many people....


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