Workin' Man

Today my wonderful husband starts his new job!! Yes, you read that right. After a long 4 months of unemployment, he has been offered a job! Hallelujah :) 
I would be lying if I said this hasn't been a struggle for us but I feel like we've learned a lot about one another and how each of us handles things. I feel so blessed that God walked us through this little life lesson and that we made it! The one thing that amazed me is that Aaron never seemed to give up. He knew he would find a job. It just took longer than we expected.

We've got a lot of recovering to do now. Building our savings account back up, paying off my taxes, credit cards, etc. But we made it through the tough stuff and we will make it through this too! 

Our family and friends have been amazing through out all of this. A special shout out to my parents. Could not have done it without them. 

Below are some pics of the Mr's graduation day (2 1/2 years ago). He graduated on a Friday and started his work journey with his ex-company the following Monday. Now he is on to the next step in life :)

Love you honey!! Thank you for being such an amazing husband. I'm so proud to be your wife!


Lazy Saturday Mornings

This is one of the faces I wake up to on Saturday mornings. She is quite adorable, yes? We normally don't grant her bed access unless it's on the weekends, and even then, she's lucky if she makes it passed the
As you can see, she's quite tired. {yawn} or maybe bored.
"Why is this thing in my face at 8 in the morning??" "You know dad and I like to sleep in till at least 10!" And this is totally true. The dog gets irritated if she has to get out of bed before 9. As does Aaron who has come more than accustom to sleeping in late during this span of unemployment...
That's better.
Obviously he's not a fan of the camera either. Would this be the "talk to the hand (paw)" pose?? 
This is one tired pup. I don't quite know how he got on my bed to be honest. He's not allowed. Sheds way too much for my liking. That's why he's shedder chedder. But one look with those eyes and his daddy melts! Why this doesn't work for me I'll never know.
 He's so ticked right here. I picture him saying so many colorful words that I can't post on this blog ;) And look, he's in my spot! How convenient. Oh Chedd!
What a life these kids have. Now how much sweeter would this be if it was two real kids?? Aww pretty sweet. But not nearly as quiet I bet. 
 Here's the big bear. He is in his deep slumber. Totally doesn't even realize that I'm taking this only to post it on my blog the next Monday. Oh the joys of a deep sleeper!
And yours truly. Gotta love the $5, 5 year old, Old Navy sleep tank 
Mmm, breakfast. This is what Saturday mornings are all about. Fun times with the pups and a sleepy hubs!

Now, can someone please reassure me that we are not the only family that allows our pups on the beds occasionally?? I did tell A that they might be banned from our room after seeing how hairy our wood floors get! It's a non-stop cleaning process with these two. Especially the orange one. He looks cute but that dude sheds like no other. 

I will now be back to regular posting! As you can see, my wonderful and amazing friend Lauren gave me a blog update :) She is just awesome. And fast to boot. She is really getting good with her Photoshop and has some extreme talent! She is such a sweet person and I am so thankful for our friendship. This pic was taken on her wedding day almost 3 years ago! Love ya Ski!


New Look, New Beginnings

Hi!  This is Lauren over from Life with the Rudys and I am surprising my good friend Nicky T with a new look for her blog.  She hasn't seen this design yet and doesn't exactly know that I was planning on writing a post for her so I hope she likes it and isn't mad :)

I wanted to give her something fun and bright for a few reasons.  One, Nicole is such a happy person and needs a blog design that reflects her personality.  Two, I'm hoping a new look will give her the motivation she needs to start posting more often.  And lastly, because her and A have had a couple of hard months and I'm hoping this cheers up her and makes her smile :)

Here's to a new look and new beginnings with your blog and your life!  Hope you like the new look :)



Everthing happens for a reason

Those are 5 of the hardest words to hear. Most likely you've heard them when something bad has happened in your life. Your boyfriend breaks up with you, you lose a loved one, your car breaks down, the loan on your first home falls through, you or your spouse loses their job, etc. Those words are hard to swallow when you have gone through something painful. Sometimes they seem so nonchalant and to almost roll off someones tongue. We've all said it before and probably felt pretty good about ourselves after saying it. We feel like we've really helped out the person in need. As if we always have the right thing to say. But when you're on the receiving end it's a different story. You wonder if the person really understands the state you're in and just how discouraged you are. Not that you needed to hear something extremely profound, but "everything happens for a reason" doesn't exactly call for an immediate mood change.

My knee jerk reaction, as I'm sure most peoples knee jerk reaction, is to turn negative when I hit a bump in the road. I know better than to let my emotions get the best of me and think the worst but I still allow the worry and anger and fear set in. After 10 minutes or so I calm down and bring myself back to my "God has a plan" mantra. But those initial 10 minutes can be futile.

This is all stemming from Aaron's job situation. He has been working hard getting his resumes out and staying on top of any job openings for the last 3 months. He had one promising job but it was in Austin. And he has yet to hear a solid answer on it. You can imagine our excitement when last Thursday he received an email regarding a job interview at a different company here in Houston! It had been 3 months and he finally received a bite on something!! It was a happy day! Fast forward to this morning. The morning of said interview. He gets an email saying they will have to reschedule because the manager is not able to meet with him today due to jury duty. Is this for real? My automatic reaction was they must have found someone else and they are letting him down easy. They won't reschedule and the job search will have to continue! All negative, see? Now I do realize that jury duty is common and it does happen. It's just tough to accept another set back.

What's worse is I had told everyone, in my sheer excitement, about the interview (that wasn't) so now I would have to send word that it was not in fact happening today. Of course my emails, chats and calls weren't exuding positivity. I was down. But leave it to my momma to send me back a powerful email that really made me stop and think:

Wow...I am so sorry honey.  When I saw the subject on my phone I thought this can't be good news.  But it isn't bad either it's just a delay.  Another opportunity to trust God that He will not forsake you and He won't.  Jury duty happens  (Hey, I think we should make a tee shirt that says that!)  and it won't last forever.  Maybe the guy will get sent home today and he can schedule it for Thursday.  Think positive and thank God for another opportunity to trust in Him and remember God loves you and so does Robert Schuller!  Love you!!

She's good, right? Kind of corny with her t-shirt comment, but she's good :) "another opportunity to trust God that He will not forsake you" I love that she put it that way. I never see the bad things in my life as an opportunity to trust God. In fact, sometimes I get angry at the big guy. But today, I am going to think of this as an opportunity to continue putting my faith in God and trusting that He knows what path we need to be on. Maybe the interview will be rescheduled, maybe it won't. I have no control over it. But the one thing I can control is my faith.

Thank you all for sticking through the last few mopey posts. I am in fact a fun person and not everything is gloom and doom! I just wanted to share a piece of my life on here so in three years when I am sitting at home taking care of our babies and Aaron is at work at his amazing job with a great company I can look back on this and smile :)


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