I will make you fishers of men.....

....if you follow me :)

Anyone else remember that one from Sunday school? Well I figured I should get to posting the remainder of our vacation pics. We had such a great time while we were there and I had to show you some of the beauty that we were able to see. My dad scheduled us a private offshore fishing trip and it was a blast! I had never been before and I think every girl should try it, at least once. I have to tell you that the views on the way out to our first stop had me on a high. It was so amazing how beautiful everything was. I literally could not take my eyes off the ocean, the sky, the sights all around. I normally try to steer away from waking up early on trips, but we were out of bed by 5 and on the boat by 6. Which made for some nice sunrise shots. I never realized how obsessed I was with lighthouses, but 100 pictures later, apparently I am. But hey, I don't see this stuff everyday. On the boat was me, sister Chels, dad, cousin Jarrett, uncle Winston and Aaron - also the order of pics below.

the barracuda I caught...no big deal, just the biggest catch of the day.

my honey, doing his usual: rum/coke, listening to iPod, chillin' on the deck

(part of the family) family pic: grandpa, me, grandma, great uncle Paul, aka the coolest guy around, dad, sister and Momma - FYI those are cover-ups, not dresses, we were headed to the beach.

Oh to be back on vacation. It wasn't long enough, not that they ever are. I miss the ocean. I love the ocean. I have since I was a little girl when my parents would take my sister and I to this very beach. Our condo was actually right across the street from my grandma's house she grew up in. It's such an adorable home. We used to stay there when we would come to visit my great grandma. We've made this trip more times than I can remember. This time was so special since all of my dad's side of the family was able to join. I know these trips are numbered as we all get older and lives change, but I am glad that I was able to make this one. It was nice to wake up and my family all be in one space together again. My mom up, settling into the kitchen like she's lived in this place for years, making a wonderful breakfast and coffee, dad drinking said coffee, sitting on the balcony staking out our spots on the beach, sisters sleeping in because after all this is vacation, and me soaking it all in. It was just like old times. I miss those old times. But, I'm a grown up married person now. Which I love, believe me. It is just hard to forget the family times though, when that's all you knew for so long. But we did make many more great memories and I surely won't forget them!


Last time

This is the last time I change up my blog with one of those freebie backgrounds. I am in the market for a makeover and I can not wait! Now I just need to put together some ideas of what I want. Definitely something cleaner and let stuff going on. I want it to be happy and cheery too! And not too busy because then it will take away from the material, and we all know how good my material is ;)
So if anyone has some great suggestions or someone they know who does fabulous work, point me in the right direction!



So I figured that I needed to start posting our vacation pics. I mean I have been back since Sunday! Plus it's going to take a few posts in order to show the extent of the trip. You know me and my camera never part so I have a load of pics :)
We flew into Orlando Wednesday morning, picked up my aunt and cousin, stopped for some food (and drinks) and then drove into Daytona! We were greeted by the rest of our family that had already arrived. We had a pretty low key first night. We hit up one of our favorite fried shrimp spots, Boston's, for dinner and called it a night. Oh and did I mention that we got to see the space shuttle take off from the beach?? Well, we did! It's been a while since I've been there for that but it was pretty cool. That sucker was fast though! By the time I got my zoom lens on my camera it was already going through the clouds :( You can see it in the last pic.

Now, I'm doing this in segments so make sure you check back so you can see all the pics of me in my bikini! Psshhhh, riiiight. I might have to work some magic with photoshop before I do that.

Happy Friday!


Oh Baby

My lovely husband sent me an email yesterday informing me that he needed a gift for a baby shower they were hosting at his office today. Umm, ok. Talk about short notice. We rode into work together yesterday which meant that I got to wait around for him to get off. I'm not one that enjoys waiting, but I sucked it up. I knew there would be an Italian dinner and some wine in my future so that held me over. After dinner we ran into Target where the couple was registered. Normally I would have gone into a cute boutique and picked up a wondeful baby outfit because I'm obsessed with children's boutiques. But with such short notice I had no time to be creative. So we printed the registry and went shopping! As we were looking through the baby clothes I could hear Aaron and his "aww's" as he was browsing. He then came up behind me with a big hug and whispered "let's have a baby." Eeek! Now, I think that is adorable!! And I know we both are dying to have kids...one day. Just not quite yet. But it's so easy to get caught up in all the baby fever when you're standing smack dab in the middle of baby heaven! We were seriously like 2 kids in a candy store. We had our bounce and plays picked out, the little vibrating seat that our little ones will drift off to sleep in one day, and our baby girls pj's that said "I love daddy." I'm sure people thought we were nuts! We decided we needed to get busy with picking out a gift. I think we went a little overboard. We kept grabbing things for the shower left and right. I knew we had racked up quite the bill and was a little worried to go check out. We grabbed 2 bottles of Fetzer on the way up that were $5.99 (you can't pass that up people!) and the total was just short of $100! Did we really just spend over $80 on a shower gift? Whoops! Aaron was a little shocked to say the least. Especially considering that he rarely works with this guy and I've maybe met him once. Oh well! It's all for the baby, right! So we finally made it home around 10 and I was exhausted! I went to bed and can you guess what I dreamed about? Yep, I was pregnant, standing in our bathroom where I get ready every morning and my water broke! It was the weirdest dream and was so real that it made me nervous! The funny thing is that I didn't even have a baby belly. I looked like me, no bump, but my water broke? Maybe it was my body telling me that I needed to go to the bathroom :)

Oh and I was going back through my posts because I noticed that I had reached my 100th already and completely missed it. You wanna know which post was numero 100? This ONE! Cue twilight song. Kind of crazy. Not to mention the fact that my grandma relayed to me about 15 times a day while we were on vacation that she wanted me to give her some great grandchildren. Not even kidding! She said I will have twin boys and a little girl. Oh and she'll outfit the nurseries too. As long as I have them by January 17 of 2011. Oh Memaw! All I could do was laugh!


No dice

Last week I went shoe shopping. It had been a while since I had gotten some new "work" shoes and my current ones were looking pretty bad. I have an obsession with Antonio Melani shoes. It started several years ago and it's grown deeper. They are only available at Dillard's so I went on over there after work. I was trying to be quick since I had to get home, pack for our trip (which by the way was so fun and I'm so sad to be back :( - post to come!) and come up with something for dinner. I tried on several pairs and came across one that I liked the looks of. It was black, which is what I needed and they looked pretty cute. And bonus, they were on sale! After picking out my outfit for today (black dress, yellow cardigan) I decided to go for the new black shoes. I opened the box and there they were in all their shiny patent leather glory. I put them on and they didn't feel right. I could barely fit into them without my feet looking like they were sausages! Aaron said "I like them, they're cute" as I was walking around trying to make sure they weren't cutting off the blood supply to my feet. I checked the box, 8 1/2, then the shoes, 8 1/2. Then I start wondering why on earth I got these if they were so tight! It dawns on me that I was in a hurry and probably tried them on, walked to a mirror, took them off, put them back in box and bought them. Apparently I should have kept them on for at least 5 minutes so that I could really feel the pain. I went ahead and wore them today in hopes that I can stretch the leather out a bit. I think they are feeling better....either that or my feet have gone numb.

I did however end up with a great pair that really are insanely comfortable and so cute! They almost had a "walking on air" feeling. It was awesome! And since I'm doing a lot more walking now that I'm downtown, I need cute shoes with a little comfort. I've already worn them to work and they still felt great! I could tell as I got into the afternoon they were rubbing a little more, but nothing like the black ones! No big deal, I could handle these.

Sorry for the boring post. I don't have any pics downloaded from our trip yet, so this is all I got! I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!! It has been extremely hard trying to get back in the swing of things after being on the beach the last few days. Especially knowing that the rest of my family is still there until Wednesday! It also doesn't help that my mom emails or texts me pics of what they are doing. So sad!


Yeah, I mow

Can we talk for a second about how deathly hot it is?? If you live in TX or any surrounding states in the South you know what I mean. It's been over 100 with 189% humidity for the last few weeks and I'm already sick of it! I break a sweat the second I walk out the door. It's gross. So yesterday, I took a break from the 16 and pregnant marathon (does anyone else feel like they're promoting teen pregnancy??) and went to take Aaron some water while he was outside mowing - really just thinking I was going out to get some sun. I figured if I was already in a sweat I might as well get my tan on. As I watched Aaron come through the backyard with the lawnmower, I thought to myself "I can do that!" I mean how hard is it to mow? Plus it's a great workout I'm sure. I mean, as long as you don't pass out. So I asked him if I could take over for a sec. He nervously said "Ok?" I don't think he liked handing over one of his "man tools" to me but he obliged. I think he was also nervous about the fact that I was a) in a dress and b) barefoot - my mom is gasping right now I'm sure! So I took the bull by the horns, or mower by the handle and went to town. I did pretty good, only stepped on a few of Daisy's landmines, eww, note to husband: please scoop before you mow next time! I get to the middle of the yard and am sweating like nobody's business and I look up and lo and behold there is my husband with this goofy grin on his face holding my camera and snapping away. Apparently he had been doing this the whole time! He then says with a chuckle "You have to blog this!" I had no idea this was going on until I looked up (last pic) and saw him with my camera. You may think that was a smile, but it was really the look of death! I finished up my area and handed it back to him. I looked disgusting! But I felt the need to document this as leverage for our next fight, which will happen, on womanly versus manly duties of the house. I mowed sweetie, which means you can now vacuum and do the laundry! Although, my left shoulder is a little sore and I might have some blisters on my hands. Maybe I'll stick to my indoor cleaning after all.

Oh yeah and yesterday we *almost* bought a puppy! We left church and went to lunch and on our way out the parking lot there was a woman selling lab puppies. We immediately fell in love with a yellow male. He had a white tipped tail and white paws. Precious! My husband, who has been trying to convince me that we need another dog, fell in love. I mean he was hard core smitten by this dog. I'm normally not one to go looking for dogs off the side of the road but the second he saw them we had to stop. A held the one for a while and then said to the lady, without notice "How much are they? $200. "Do you take checks?" Cash only. Did he really just seal the deal without my input?? So we get back in his truck to go find a bank. That's when I knew I had to be the rational one and remind him about our Florida trip this Wednesday. "Oh crap!" he says. I say that we need to call the kennel to make sure they will take care of a 7 week old puppy. And she gives me the news that I know will break A's heart - they have an age minimum of 4 months. :( So, I had the be the bad guy and let my poor husband down. He had already picked out a name for him too. Not even going to say what it was because it was absolutely ridiculous. Just know that we will not be choosing a Zodiac sign for our dog's name! Egh! The whole ride home he was quiet. We got home and he said this, no lie "My heart hurts." I'm thinking I might have to check and see if he still has cajones or not? HA, kidding babe.
Hope everyone had a great weekend! It's a short week for us. We leave for this Wednesday!! Holla!



2 weeks ago my lovely husband started painting our kitchen while I was out shopping. He told me that he was going to surprise me on which green he chose because we couldn't decide on one. I got home and I initially loved the color. However, at night it was so lime green it almost glowed! I felt like I was inside a margarita glass. Not a bad thought, but you don't want that on your walls! Here is the first test color - margarita green :)

We both hated the bright green so the next day we got together and picked up another color. The man at the hardware store promised us that this next color would be the perfect tone for a kitchen and it was "the most popular color choice." Yuck! I hated it the second it went on, but we decided to paint the whole kitchen just to be sure. It reminded me of a creamy mint or sea foam green. It was just awful! But I felt so bad for Aaron since he had painted so much already. We decided to keep it on for a week - PTL we had no guests - and change it the next weekend.
This last Sunday we started at it again. Aaron went back to the store and picked out a new green. And this time it worked! It's the perfect green shade. It's a little deeper than it shows up on pictures. But I really love it! It flows really good with the living room too. Our house is so open, which is nice, but then you have to make sure each room has similar colors. So it makes it interesting! And yes, we still have the blue tape on the walls. We have to do some touch ups so we are keeping it on until we are completely done!

I do believe we are done with painting for a while. This kitchen kicked our butts trying to get it perfect so we are taking a break! And speaking of a break, Aaron and I are heading to Florida next Wednesday for a family vacation!! I could not be more thrilled. We have so much planned already and I am ex-cited! My dad booked us a deep sea fishing trip so I'm pumped about that. I've never been fishing in the ocean so it should be a fun experience. I can't wait to get a cute Columbia fishing shirt and dress the part :) Of course I turn our fishing trip into something about clothes....


Red, White & Blue

I had the best time this last weekend! My parents hosted a neighborhood party and they had quite the turn out. Aaron and I got over there early so we could get some pool time and help with the food and set up. My mom and dad did an awesome job! They worked on the house for this party for several weekends leading up to the 4th. My pics don't even do justice, plus I took about 200 so I had to skim down for the blog. It was great to be with the whole family! I had the cutest dress to wear but as I was balling watermelon the red juices splashed all over the white part of my dress so I had to change. Hence the reason for Aaron wearing an apron/bib since he took over my job.

We got back on Sunday and painted the kitchen...again! I will post pics later on how that all turned out. It looks awesome now! Love it!!

I hope you all had a very happy 4th!


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