Concert and Baseball game

I can't believe I am just now getting around to posting about our weekend! It was such a great weekend too. Friday night we went to a Dave Matthews Band concert. We had a blast!! I can't tell you the last time I went to a concert, but I was definitely way over due. We hung around a group of highschoolers...or should I say we spied on them? It was so fun watching them. They seemed so young. It's amazing how trendy kids dress these days! Seven jeans, driving around in Escalades, and that's just the boys! I was cracking up watching them try to score some alcohol. I didn't get a ton of pics because let's face it, after Beau has had some drinks, the last thing he wants to see is me bust out the camera :)

{look at him toting my bag around...what a man!}

{it was SO hot...excuse the nasty hair!}

Saturday, we hit up a baseball game at Beau's alma mater, Texas A&M! Now I didn't go to ATM, but I was up there almost every weekend going to games. I love College Station! There are always a few spots that we have to hit up when we go back. Koppe Bridge - best burgers/fries around and Shakes - the most incredible shakes EVER! So we went and had a burger, fries and a pitcher of beer and then headed to the game. Ags won, 7-2!! I have to tell you all a little secret...I LOVE baseball players. I do love college football, but there's just something about baseball. After the game we went through Shakes and I got my fill of chocolate goodness! I also talked Beau into taking me through Rosa's Cafe!! He's so good to me. They have, by far, the best drive thru queso and tortillas. Like mouth watering good. I was first introduced to Rosa's when I lived in Midland (bless you if you know where that's at!) and I thought I was in Heaven despite the fact that Midland looked/felt like a desert. I was happy as a clam sitting there with my bowl of queso and tortillas! It probably helped the ole' waistline moving away.

{We sat right behind the plate}

{Me, huge sunglasses and Beau}

{Homerun! Whoop!!}

Happy Wednesday! I am going to start working on my Cinco de Mayo recap next!! Dinner was awesome. And we had plenty of margaritas, didn't we hun ;)

yours truly...  – (May 6, 2009 at 4:57 PM)  

Sounds like a blast!! I wish I had gone to the concert here on Saturday!! And I'm a huge fan of rosas too...definitely can't beat awesome drive thru Mexican food!!!!!!

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