I bet you thought I forgot about FHPF! I'm sure the peeps that are involved in the picture below wish I had.... ;)

Now it's a little blurry, because, well let's face it, we were all having a little too much fun. We were in a small town, at a Catholic church dance hall (??) and the "kitchen" was stocked full of drinks. Dangerous, much? So what do we have here?

Ski - in the red. She's happy, really happy. In fact she's giving me a "cheers!"

AliB, she's a little confused. Wondering why I am snapping pics instead of shaking my groove thing on the dance floor, I'm sure.

And Aaron. Well, he looks to be in pain. It could be from the 12,000 times he decided to run and slide on the wooden dance floor. He actually tore up his knee pretty good, not to mention completely ripping his jeans which was actually hilarious to all of us watching. He was channeling Tom Cruise in Risky Business, I guess.

There it is! The second week of FHPF! Hope you enjoyed :) Have a great weekend everyone!!

Lauren  – (November 14, 2009 at 6:35 AM)  

HAHA! You're in trouble missy. However, at least I'm enjoying myself and not in such a confused state as Ali B.

Maybe I need to get in on this game as well. I think I have a few good shots of you..

Have a good weekend!

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