Happy Birthday to the most wonderful, caring, humble, selfless, beautiful, amazing, God fearing, momma I know!! You bring so much joy to my life and so much encouragement. I love you as high as the sky and as deep as the sea! Thank you for being the woman you are today. You mean more to me than you'll ever know. I love you!!


Never want to "Leav the Beav"

Last week we were lucky enough to go on another ski trip with some fabulous friends of ours to Beaver Creek, Colorado. Lauren's dad has quite the hook up at the condo we stayed at and we were able to score a free stay out of the deal! We have gone skiing together a few times now and this was our first trip out of college. I have to say that my fear factor has climbed quite a bit since being out of school. I no longer am as easy going down the slopes! In fact, I'm quite terrified at times. There was a couple of times while sliding down the slopes doing what was coined the "electric (ski) slide" that I thought to myself "Why don't we take beach vacations together?!?!?" It didn't help that the first day we ended up going down a blue turned black slope and I watched Ryan, Lauren's husband take a pretty good fall. Nor did it help that poor BC hadn't seen much snow in a while therefore leaving icy slopes :( 

I pictured myself swooshing down the mountains like a professional snow bunny and well, that just didn't happen. But everyone else did awesome and we all had a complete blast! I love the village area. It is like something out of a movie! Absolutely incredible!! I feel so lucky that we have gotten to visit not once but twice! We also enjoyed several nights in the hot tub with a beverage after our long days of skiing. Perfect way to recover! 

And now I leave you with some pics. Several pics actually, of our wonderful vacay! Thanks again Rudy's for the invite!! It was a blast and we loved spending time with you guys

minivan time 
sweet drawings - Aaron's (on the left) an over-achiever. 
And that's all I'm saying about that.  
Ryno and Ski!!
BayBay and me
Derrick and Tyler    
 Big A in all his ski gear glory
Pit stop on the mountain!
last day so we had to get in our model shots....
when the man on the left blows his "ricola" horn, 
 the man on the right brings out delicious cookies! Awesome!
"leav the beav"

Head on over to Lauren's blog to check out her post too! And speaking of the oh so fab Lauren, she redesigned my blog for me!! I know you all noticed how it transformed from the shabbiness it was before to ultra chic!! She did so great and it took no time at all - well, I take that back, she worked her booty off doing it but she was so fast! I love love love it! I still have to add some stuff to my links above, but it's such an amazing start! I have an actual blog design now :) 

I also want to say a huge thank you to you all for the insanely sweet and thoughtful comments on my last post. It means the world to me to be able to come here and lay it all out to you all and get such great support! You all are amazing!


When my world is shaking.....

Heaven stands.

Well friends, it appears the lay off bug has hit my husbands office and he caught it. Friday the 22nd the Mr. went into his office thinking it was a regular work day and left at 3:30 with no job. Neither one of us were aware of any layoffs at his company so you can imagine we were both pretty shocked. To say the least! He had made it through last years layoffs so I guess it was time. They went from 20 employees to about 7 all in one day. Needless to say I don't see the company lasting too much longer. It's best he got out when he did. It's just hard to accept that right now.

I do feel like this is the best thing that could happen to him. He was kind of stuck in a position he didn't love and wanted more out of his job. That being said, it is still super hard and scary to go through. And for a guy, I can only imagine the stress he must feel.

I have to say that I am in awe of how God works and how at peace the two of us are about this. I think Friday we were both in shock. I was a mess. A MESS! But when I came home and hugged my wonderful husband I knew it was all going to be OK. I had this incredible feeling of security come over me - I can't even describe it. I feel like God has a wonderful plan for him and it will be a job that he has dreamed of! He worked with some great guys that have been more than willing to contact other companies and put in some amazing words for Aaron. My husband is one of the most dedicated workers I know, besides my dad, of course. He has such a great work ethic and it always amazed me at the hours and time he put into this company. I never felt like it was appreciated like it should have been, but he kept on working as if it didn't matter. He's extremely loyal!

That being said, the last couple of days have been tough. We went on a ski trip to Colorado, because, well that's what everyone does when they get laid off, right? It was planned and mostly paid for so we went and had a great time! I'd be lying though if I said the 'no job' thing wasn't in the back of my mind the whole trip. We got back this last Monday and it's all setting in now - we really do only have one income. It wasn't just a bad nightmare. I am doing my best to keep the faith and know that God knows what He's doing. But then I have days like today, when everything seems to go awry. Aaron gets discouraged because he hasn't heard back from companies, I get angry because I can't buy my favorite salad for lunch that I've missed oh so much and opt for a pb&j instead (I know, real problem right?) and thinking of all the things that need to be done now. All the while trying to keep a positive attitude and not allow myself to freak out. It's hard holding it together. Tension is definitely high. But the last thing I want to do is make Aaron upset or feel like this is all on him. We are a team - *Pectoral Powers! Remember sweetie?? ;) 

I hate not knowing what the future holds. I'd love to know our plan and know that this path we're on will lead us to wonderful things. Waiting is so hard; blind faith is tough. But I know we have to stick with it. God has never given up on us and I know He's not going to start now. We will make it through and it will only make us stronger, relationship wise and faith wise.

I do have to mention that my family and friends have been amazing through all this! My parents kept our pups for us while we were in CO and when we got back mom had bought a ton of groceries for us to take back home! I cried when I saw it, cried the whole way home from their house and then cried more when I unloaded it all to see how much stuff she had bought! She not only bought necessities for us, i.e. bread, milk, toilet paper, etc. but she also bought us luxuries like beer, cokes, all sorts of meats and breakfast food too! It's hard not to feel blessed when you have people like that in your lives! We are now set for a good 2 weeks at least! Love you momma! 

I promise to post something positive and upbeat next time! I have so many pictures from our ski trip that I can't wait to get downloaded and posted! Have a great week everyone and happy hump day!

*our highschool name we had for each other - he had pecs, and I had, well you know. 


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