Best adventure of 2010

The year is coming to a close and the new year is quickly approaching...very quickly, so I figured it would be nice to do a recap of one of the most wonderful family vacations I've been on. The most wonderful place I've been period.

We are so fortunate that my parents asked us to tag along for their 30th anniversary trip. That's just like them too. They would rather have us all together, as one big family, then on a trip just the two of them. I think this trip brought us all closer and made us all realize how blessed we are to have been placed in this family. It's always hard to come back from a trip with loved ones. I miss waking up in the morning, walking down stairs and seeing everyone's faces sitting at the table, sipping coffee, Chelsea making her famous spicy scrambled eggs, giving each one a good morning hug. It was just so perfect.

It was a great 7 days together. In paradise. We couldn't have asked for more. The food was delicious, views were breathtaking and the company was out of this world!

All in all, between my dad, sister and I, we took a good 2,000 pictures. Obviously I won't be posting all of them but I will do my best to give a recap in one post. We'll see how long it is when it's all said and done...

 Starfish Beach and lunch at Rum point (almost daily occurrence..)

 Best. Night. Ever. Dinner on the beach followed by dance party!

 Margaritaville (Georgetown), 7 Mile Beach, topped off with best incredible dinner at Edoardo's

 Turtle farm, Smith's Cove (amazing snorkeling) and a little BTHO t.u. from the hubs :)

 Lunch at Cracked Conch, mmmm.., Hell!, and my boo driving our sweet ride

 Sting ray city, Rum Point, photo ops and more eating

Ahhh, just going through the pics is making me relive it all! We had such a great time and rumor is, there's plans to go back soon. Very soon! :) Thank you mom and dad for letting us tag along!

This year has been a whirlwind from the start with Aaron being laid off in January and  slowly recovering from all that came along with it. But in the end, it has been an incredible year and we have been TRULY blessed. It was nice to finish the year off on a positive note and with the ones who mean the most! Can't wait to see what 2011 holds for us all. No matter what is thrown at us I know we will be able to make it through and come out on top!

Lauren  – (January 1, 2011 at 9:14 AM)  

Great post and beautiful pictures! Happy New Year Friend!!

Christy  – (January 3, 2011 at 9:22 AM)  

Lovely pics! GC is awesome - glad you had such a wonderful trip! Happy 2011!

Milltini  – (January 4, 2011 at 1:20 PM)  

Happy New Year! Glad you had such a wonderful trip.

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